History of the Brent and Blount Buildings


Brent Building

The Brent Building is a three-story retail and office building located on the west side of Palafox Place, between Garden and Romana Streets. It was commissioned by Francis Celestino Brent in 1905 after the Halloween Night Fire destroyed several earlier structures, including one recently built for Brent. Construction was concurrent with the adjacent Blount Building and was completed in 1906.

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Blount Building

The Blount Building is an historic seven-story Chicago school style office building located at 3 West Garden St., SW corner of Palafox St., Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. It was built by Charles Hill Turner in 1906-1907 for local attorney William Alexander Blount on the site of the three-story Blount-Watson Building, which had burned on Halloween night in 1905. The building features so-called Chicago windows and contains in its exterior the three parts of a classical column, with the first and second floors being the base of the column, the third through sixth floors the shaft and the seventh floor the capital.

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Project Overview

The historic redevelopment and restoration of the One Palafox Place block will transform the property into a true live, work, play,mixed-use “urban village” offering new retail, office space and residential apartments as well as outdoor courtyard spaces.


Prior to the commencement of planning and design, we performed an extensive investigation of all of the buildings on the property. We worked alongside the architect and engineers to locate and document structural and mechanical deficiencies. We searched the building archives and compiled all of the record drawings from previous construction and renovation projects. Once our investigation was complete, we submitted our reports and findings to One Palafox Place giving them important information on the current condition of the buildings vital for making decisions moving forward.



During the pre-construction phase of each project, we continually focus on cost and quality while participating in site visits, design review meetings, and round table sessions. The design will be reviewed for constructability, material availability, possible omissions, inconsistencies and defects. We include an assessment of building materials, systems and equipment from a builder’s perspective, focusing on construction sequencing and options for improving cost, construction and schedule. We evaluate the overall budget goals for the project and examine the areas where contributions can be made to reduce cost, speed construction and enhance the project’s value. As all of the projects are located within or adjacent to occupied buildings,  we identify the safety measures which are to be implemented and recognize potential hazards and how to avoid them while ensuring that the daily activities of the Owner are not disrupted.


The project consists of restorations and renovations in a very tight community atmosphere while all businesses remain in operation. The project will be completed in intermediate phases that allows the existing community to operate with as little disruption as possible. The completed project will consist of 5 buildings with a building area totaling over 200,000sf including all site construction, demolition, landscaping and hardscaping.

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